Become an Affiliate!

Do you enjoy what you hear on The People and Projects Podcast? Or maybe you have taken one or more of our e-learning courses and found them helpful.

There's actually a way that you can benefit from our content! We would love to have you become an Affiliate Reseller of our products. Becoming an affiliate is quick, easy, and free! And it can allow you to generate additional income just by providing links through a blog, website, or social media.

A Couple Quick Notes:

  • There is no cost for you to become an affiliate.
  • You must have a PayPal account to sign up for the affiliate program.
  • Products included in our program include the Premium Subscriptions of this podcast and our project management and leadership e-learning offerings.
  • We pay up to 30% commission on all your affiliate sales. The actual percentage depends on the product.
  • Affiliate commissions are paid monthly to your PayPal account.
  • The general Terms of Service from apply for all affiliate transactions.
  • By signing up to our affiliate program you agree to abide by US Tax laws and supply required national and international tax information.
  • Residents of certain countries cannot join our affiliate program, because even though you can sign-up for a PayPal account PayPal does not allow us to send commission from the US to your country. The list of countries that cannot receive payments from the USA via PayPal changes occasionally. We reserve the right to remove you from our program if your country is added to this list by PayPal.

Step 1 - Sign up as an Affiliate

Here's what you can do to sign up as an affiliate...

Register an affiliate account

  • Click on this link to get started:
  • The link will take you to the Affiliate Sign-up Page. (Our affiliate system is managed by Nanacast)
  • Fill in the form and submit it - please note that we do not pay affiliate commission via check. PayPal only.
  • To learn about the features of the affiliate program that you have just signed up for please watch this video...

Add PayPal to your affiliate account

  • Log on to your new Nanacast account
  • Select "My Account" > "Profile & Preferences" from the left hand menu
  • Open the section entitled "Affiliate Payment Info"
  • Check the box for "Receive affiliate payments via PayPal:"
  • Input your PayPal information for "PayPal email to receive affiliate payments:"
  • Click Save (you may have to open the section entitled "Notification Settings").

Put the affiliate link onto your website

  • Log on to your new Nanacast account
  • Select "Affiliate Promotion > Affiliate Center" from the left hand menu
  • Search for "Andy Kaufman"
  • You now see all the products that we offer and for each product you see a link in a box. This is your affiliate link.
  • Copy this link, which now needs to go onto your website, into tweets, or other places that visitors can click on and buy through your link. That's how you begin earning the passive income. 


Step 2 - Promote your Affiliate Link

Your affiliate link is the key to your success. Your customers must click on your affiliate link so that we can count your sales. Therefore, the more you promote your affiliate link the more sales you will make. The number one thing to do is to create a section about one or more of our products on your own website or blog:

Create your Sales Page

  • Create a page for our products on your own website.
  • Use your affiliate link on that page for your website visitors to click.
  • Your customers will be taken to our official websites where they can purchase the products.
  • You receive commission on all products that your website visitors purchase from us for 60 days after they click.

Other Ways to Promote your Affiliate Link

Here are some other ideas on how you can promote your affiliate link:

  • Announce the product in your Newsletter and use your affiliate link
  • Post your affiliate link on your blogs
  • Refer to our e-learning products in a tweet and include your affiliate link.
  • Write an article about leadership or project management and use your affiliate link in the "About the Author" section
  • Use your affiliate link in a press release
  • Use your affiliate link in banner advertising
  • Give your affiliate link to students who attend your own training sessions

 Whenever you would like to know how successful you are you can log in to your account at and see how many people clicked and purchased through your link.

Do you have questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us at . Thanks!