PPP 420 | Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager, with FranklinCovey's Kory Kogon

Total Duration 53:55

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In this episode, Andy interviews Kory Kogon, FranklinCovey’s Vice President of Content Development, about her updated book, Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager. They discuss the prevalence of unofficial project managers in various industries, especially post-pandemic, and the unique challenges they face. Kory shares insights on foundational behaviors, clarifying expectations, stakeholder management, and risk management.

The conversation also delves into the significance of accountability and performance discussions, particularly for those leading without formal authority.

If you lead projects, regardless of your title, this discussion is for you!

Sound Bites

  • "We often find that at least 80% of the participants in our project management workshops don't have the word project in their title. Yet you could argue that, in many ways, we're all project managers."
  • "The top reasons why projects fail are unclear scope, key stakeholders wanting different things, lack of communication, not knowing the roles, having the wrong people in roles, and scope creep."
  • "Accountability takes on a different lens. It's not punitive. It's mutual accountability."
  • "A cadence of accountability sets up a team that is inspired to want to do the work."


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 02:23 Start of Interview
  • 02:41 In What Ways Are We All Project Managers?
  • 05:09 The Top Reasons Why Projects Struggle
  • 07:45 Clarifying Expectations in Projects
  • 14:06 Identifying and Managing Stakeholders
  • 18:40 Managing Risks in Projects
  • 24:20 The Importance of Accountability
  • 26:36 The Essence of Accountability in Leadership
  • 28:03 Creating a Cadence of Accountability
  • 31:54 Navigating Informal Authority and Performance Conversations
  • 37:26 Clarifying Project Scope and Managing Change
  • 43:36 Interview Wrap-Up
  • 44:25 Andy's Comments After the Interview
  • 47:44 Outtakes

Learn More

You can learn more about Kory and her book (and download a sample chapter) at FranklinCovey.com.

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