PPP 403 | The Project Manager's Path to Freelancing Success, with Kayla McGuire

Total Duration 33:40

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In this episode, Andy Kaufman interviews Kayla McGuire, a seasoned project manager and coach who runs a boot camp to help people learn and prepare for becoming a freelancer. They discuss Kayla's journey to project management and freelancing, lessons in leading projects, practical tips for running projects, reasons for pursuing freelancing, common mistakes in freelancing, and the importance of mentors. Kayla also shares insights on using LinkedIn effectively and the value of continual learning and personal development. The episode concludes with information about Kayla's freelancer boot camp.


  • Consider the possibility of freelancing or becoming an entrepreneur to experience more fulfillment and freedom in your career.
  • Recognize patterns in team dynamics and use pattern recognition to lead teams through projects more effectively.
  • Empower your teams to get the job done by having conversations about their goals, providing resources for learning and development, and building strong relationships through one-on-one meetings.
  • When considering freelancing, focus your energy on building your network and finding clients rather than spending time on non-essential tasks like website design or office remodeling.


  • 00:00 Andy's Introduction to the Episode
  • 01:57 Start of Interview
  • 02:09 Kayla's Path to Project Management and Freelancing
  • 06:00 Lessons in Leading Projects
  • 12:06 The Lure of Freelancing: Freedom and Autonomy
  • 15:03 Common Mistakes When Starting Freelancing
  • 17:07 Introducing the Freelancer Bootcamp
  • 19:10 The Importance of Finding Your Niche
  • 19:39 Leveraging LinkedIn for Success
  • 24:18 Continual Learning and Personal Development
  • 31:05 Balancing Work and Personal Life
  • 32:56 Final Thoughts

Learn More

You can learn more about Kayla and her boot camp at KaylaMcGuire.com. And connect with Kayla on LinkedIn at LinkedIn.com/in/KaylaMcGuire.

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