PPP 401 | Customer Service Secrets Every Project Manager Must Know, with Micah Solomon

Total Duration 36:52

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In this conversation, Andy Kaufman interviews Micah Solomon, author of the book Can Your Customer Service Do This? Create an Anticipatory Customer Experience that Builds Loyalty Forever. They discuss the importance of customer service and how it applies to project managers and leaders, not just people in hospitality or retail. They explore examples of good and bad customer service experiences, debunk myths about customer service, and provide strategies for improving customer service. They also discuss the concept of gold touch customer service and how it can be applied to internal customer service. The conversation concludes with insights on effective communication and developing a customer service mindset.


  • Customer service is important in all industries, not just hospitality or retail.
  • Examples of good and bad customer service can provide valuable insights for improving customer service.
  • There are common myths and misunderstandings about customer service that need to be debunked.
  • Gold touch customer service involves going above and beyond to provide exceptional service.
  • Effective communication and a customer service mindset are key to delivering great customer service.


  • 00:00 Andy's Intro to the Episode
  • 02:40 Introduction to Micah Solomon and his book
  • 04:46 Myths and Misunderstandings about Customer Service
  • 06:12 Improving Customer Service
  • 09:28 Gold Touch Customer Service
  • 10:51 Internal Customer Service
  • 13:44 Difference between Function and Purpose
  • 18:19 The Service Recovery Paradox
  • 20:15 Dealing with Customer Service Failures
  • 21:21 Phrasing and Language in Customer Service
  • 25:02 Developing a Customer Service Mindset
  • 27:00 Andy's Summary of Key Takeaways
  • 32:03 Outtakes

You can learn more about Micah and his book at MicahSolomon.com.

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