PPP 399 | Don't Wait For Someone Else to Fix It, with Doug Lennick and Chuck Wachendorfer

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In this conversation, Andy interviews Doug Lennick and Chuck Wachendorfer about their book Don't Wait for Someone Else to Fix It! They discuss the importance of managing ourselves effectively, practicing self-awareness, and mastering our behavior. They also emphasize the significance of integrity and responsibility in leadership. The conversation explores barriers to better decision-making and the importance of continuous learning. The interview concludes with insights on how parents can apply leadership lessons in their role at home.


  • Managing ourselves effectively is crucial for effective leadership.
  • Practicing self-awareness and using tools like the freeze game can help us make better choices.
  • Integrity and responsibility are essential for leadership success.
  • Emotional reflexiveness and biases can hinder decision-making.
  • Continuous learning and letting go of what we know are key to personal and professional growth.
  • Leadership lessons can be applied in the home to foster better relationships and decision-making.

You can learn more about Doug and Chuck and their work at Think2Perform.com.

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