PPP 387 | How to Face Project Uncertainty and Still Deliver, with Decision Sprint author Atif Rafiq

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Progress Despite Uncertainty

One of our recurring themes on the podcast is decision-making. The reality is you are likely facing some decisions you need to make right now. But one of our biggest challenges when facing forks in the road is how to decide when there are so many unknowns--so much uncertainty.

Well, I have personally benefited from a new book that I wanted to introduce you to. The title is Decision Sprint: The New Way to Innovate into the Unknown and Move from Strategy to Action. This Wall Street Journal best-seller is packed with insights that have benefits for CEOs and senior leaders, for sure. But it’s also applicable to all of us who are responsible for leading teams and delivering projects.

Learn more about Atif and the Decision Sprint process at DecisionSprint.com/Book.

AI for Project Managers and Leaders

With the constant stream of AI news, it's sometimes hard to grasp how these advancements can benefit us as project managers and leaders in our day-to-day work. That's why I developed our e-learning course: AI Made Simple: A Practical Guide to Using AI in Your Everyday Work.

This self-guided course is designed for project managers and leaders aiming to harness AI's potential to enhance your work, streamline your workflow, and boost your productivity.

Go to ai.i-leadonline.com to learn more and join us. The feedback from the program has been fantastic. Take this opportunity to unlock the potential of AI for your team and projects.

Thank you for joining me for this episode of The People and Projects Podcast!

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