PPP 379 | Overcoming Fear and Uncertainty: A Guide to Risk-Taking, with author Angie Morgan Witkowski

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"What's A Risk You're Glad You Took?"

I asked this question to my LinkedIn network recently, and it led to a long thread of responses. The two most mentioned examples were job changes and moving to a new place to live. Maybe one of those might be your answer as well. An opportunity came up, you said Yes, and it turned out to be a great decision.

Yet changes like these are a risk. Even if you don’t like your current job, you might land in a worse situation by leaping into a new role. The uncertainty associated with risk is why many people stay stuck in situations that are sucking the life out of them.

Chances are there is a risk you’ve been considering. Whether it’s with risks on your projects at work, with your career, or with something at home, I’m excited to introduce you in this episode to Angie Morgan Witkowski. She’s the author of a new book entitled Bet On You: How to Win with Risk. It's a great read that helps us reframe how we look at risk and give us the courage to move forward when faced with uncertainty.

Learn more about Angie and her work at AngieWitkowski/.

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