PPP 373 | Supporting Parents in the Workplace: Tips and Strategies, with Julie Foubert

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Navigating Parenting

As the dad of 5 kids, I think back to when we had our first child. Those early days were a blur for both my wife and me. And as more kids came along, and then adopting two more when our oldest three were teenagers, we have lived through the challenges and joys of the project known as parenting.

We’re talking about parenting today because it brings some unique challenges to us as leaders. How can we navigate parenting in a way that aligns with who we are and what is meaningful to us? And how can we, as leaders, support parents on our teams in a way that reinforces that we value their commitments and responsibilities at work and home?

I’m excited to welcome a new friend to the podcast. Julie Foubert’s life project is to support individuals, future and young parents, perinatal professionals, and organizations to evolve toward a more fulfilled and enlightened parenthood. And her passion for leadership and project management informs how she goes about this.

Learn more about Julie and her work at be-the-change.fr/. And contact Julie at .

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