PPP 371 | Why We Get Trapped In High Conflict and How We Get Out, with Amanda Ripley

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Help for Getting Out of High Conflict

When you think of the word conflict, what comes to mind? I ask because I’ve had the opportunity to pose that question to groups around the world. How would you respond? What I hear most often is words like Stress. Arguments. Tension. Avoid! Rarely do I hear Opportunity. Or disagreement.

I’m excited to welcome Amanda Ripley to the podcast. Amanda is the author of one of my favorite books from this last year. It’s entitled High Conflict: Why We Get Trapped and How We Get Out. It's not just a book about the brain. It's a book that introduces you to your brain.

For those of us responsible for leading teams and projects, learning how to avoid the traps of high conflict--and how to get out of them if we’re there--is critical to our success. And in a world of increased political and social polarization, we have a real opportunity to be a force for good instead of just adding fuel to the fire.

I consider this book a must-read and I look forward to your feedback after you listen to the episode!

Learn more about Amanda and her book at AmandaRipley.com/.

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