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Career Advice for Women (and Men)

Most days you can find me working with a group of leaders, helping them learn how to improve their ability to lead and deliver. This last Thursday I looked around the room that was filled with people in a project management exam prep program. Interestingly, all of the participants were women. That’s characteristic of a trend we see week in and week out--project management is a rewarding and accessible career path for women to pursue.

And though that is true, there are barriers that women encounter that can hinder their ability to maximize their career potential. I’m excited to introduce you to the work of Christie Hunter Arscott. Christie is the author of a new book entitled Begin Boldly: How Women Can Reimagine Risk, Embrace Uncertainty, and Launch a Brilliant Career.

In this episode, Christie talks about what she means when saying we should reimagine risk. She talks about her research-based, highly practical framework for navigating career risks in a balanced, even agile way. We discuss why the phrase “Good things come to those who wait” is a myth--and why a different way of looking at that phrase can make an enormous difference in your career. Christie talks about courage--being bold--including what it means to take micro-acts of courage. It’s an engaging discussion that I’ve been so looking forward to sharing with you for many weeks.

Learn more about Christie and her book at ChristieHunterArscott.com.

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