PPP 359 | Improve Your Team Culture in 15 Minutes? Brad Federman Tells Us How

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Developing Culture Beyond the Theory

You know that the culture of your team and organization is critical to your ability to get work done. But here’s my observation: most books on culture stay too theoretical. They share models for understanding what culture is. They have high level processes for transforming culture. And despite nodding my head while reading these books, I find they’re often not sufficiently practical. How do we, in practice, develop culture over time?

That’s the focus of Brad Federman’s new book entitled Cultivating Culture: 101 Ways to Foster Engagement in 15 Minutes or Less. Brad joined us way back in episode 36 to talk about engaging our team members and he’s back with a new book to help us develop our team culture.

Learn more about Brad and his book at BradFederman.com.

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