PPP 349 | How To Communicate With Manipulators, Naysayers, and Other Difficult Personalities


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Communicating With Difficult Personalities

One of the biggest complaints people have when working on projects is related to communication. Often people feel out of the loop or they just don’t understand what is being written or said. It’s been suggested that up to 90% of what we do when we’re leading projects is communicating. And I think it’s fair to say, we all would benefit from leveling up our ability to clearly, effectively communicate with our teams, colleagues, and management.

In this episode, I’m excited to introduce you to Tina Kuhn. Tina is the author of a book entitled The Manager’s Communication Toolkit: Tools and Techniques for Leading Difficult Personalities.

In today’s discussion, Tina will share why those of us who lead teams and projects are tempted to default to email or other less-rich mediums—and why that causes problems. Tina will share some insights on how to communicate more effectively in your next Zoom or Teams meeting. She’ll help us see that effective communication is not just adjusting to the personality, but also to the situation and relationship. Tina will introduce a few of the difficult behavior types we face and share some advice on how to communicate with them. And we’ll wrap up with some thoughts about dealing with conflict. It’s a conversation I’m looking forward to sharing with you.

Learn more about Tina and her book at TinaKuhnCommunication.

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