PPP 345 | Becoming a Better Leader from the Inside Out, with Darren Reinke

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Improving Your Ability to Lead

We often joke in our project management workshops that participants have signed up for a leadership class cloaked as a project management class. So much of our ability to deliver projects comes down to our ability to lead people and teams—regardless of our title or whether team members report to us directly.

That’s a core premise of the People and Projects Podcast--that we’re all leaders—and I’m constantly on the lookout for resources to help you and me develop our ability to lead.

Darren Reinke reached out to me last year to talk about his book The Savage Leader: 13 Principles to Become a Better Leader from the Inside Out. After browsing a copy of the book, I knew this was a guy I wanted to talk with. His passion for leading is clear and his advice is practical.

Learn more about Darren at TheSavageLeader.com.

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