PPP 334 | Beyond the Pandemic: Preparing for the Next Rogue Wave, with futurist Jonathan Brill

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Preparing for the Next Rogue Wave

we’re continuing a series of episodes on the topic of the future. It’s hard to imagine that we can be effective at leading others if we’re not forward thinking.

But after getting slammed by the COVID tsunami and subsequent recurring waves, the future can feel so unsure. So how do we prepare ourselves and our teams for the future despite the challenges of understanding it?

To help us with that, we’re joined in this episode by Jonathan Brill, author of a new book entitled Rogue Waves: Future-Proof Your Business to Survive and Profit from Radical Change. Jonathan is the former Global Futurist at HP and has led companies that have substantially improved the world in many domains. Not to mention he invented a machine that makes frozen coffee slurpees!

Learn more about Jonathan and his book at JonathanBrill.com.

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