PPP 298 | The Art of Being Indispensable at Work, with author Bruce Tulgan

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Becoming The Go To Person

Being the go to person has a lot of career value, and in times of uncertainty, being the go to person can seem like it brings a lot of job security. But as our guest Bruce Tulgan says in the opening clip, the problem with becoming a go to person is that you become the go to person! It can turn into becoming a Yes person, which can lead to over-commitment, stress, and eventually dropping enough balls, so to speak, that we’re no longer the go to person!

Bruce makes his third appearance with us here on episode 298 of the People and Projects Podcast. He joined us way back in episode 38 to talk about managing our bosses and even earlier in episode 10 to talk about managing Generation Y. 10 years later he joins us to talk about his new book The Art of Being Indispensable at Work.

Learn more about Bruce and his book at RainmakerThinking.com.

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