PPP 278 | All You Have To Do Is Make The Ask, with author Wayne Baker

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How To Master The Most Important Skill For Success

What is one thing that, if you did it more often, and encouraged your team to do it more often as well, would make a significant difference in your success, personally and with your projects? Earn more free PDUs? No, you are doing that right now!

Dr. Wayne Baker suggests it's this: we need to ask more often.

Wayne is the author of the new book All You Have to Do Is Ask: How to Master the Most Important Skill for Success. I consider it a must-read book and look forward to sharing this discussion with you. Learn more about Wayne and his book at https://www.waynebaker.org/.

During this episode, I mention some episodes that would be good follow-ups:

  • Kari Mirabal, regarding her book You Already Have the No, in episode 258.
  • Adam Grant, regarding his book Give and Take, in episode 93.
  • Amy Edmondson, regarding her book The Fearless Organization, in episode 236.

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