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Earlier this year we started using a time tracking solution called Hubstaff and, I have to tell you, it’s amazing. They now offer a project management app called Hubstaff Tasks. It utilizes the best parts of Agile to help you and your team get work done in a way that removes the hassle and just makes sense. Hubstaff Tasks utilizes Kanban boards like so many other PM tools out there but they’ve added extra features like automated workflows that let you move projects through the workflow and automatically assign tasks to whoever needs to work on them next, all with one click.

Hubstaff Tasks also has a Sprints feature that allows you to organize all your tasks into a true agile weekly Sprint. Oh, and here’s a new feature they just added where you can set daily Standups to cover the three golden questions in the agile world: “What did you work on today?”, “What will you work on tomorrow?”, “Have you run into any roadblocks?”

Hubstaff Tasks only launched this past June and there are already thousands of organizations already using it. And here’s the cool thing: since they’re still so new, anyone can start using Hubstaff Tasks today completely free, regardless of team size. Head over to hubstafftasks.com/projects to learn more. Thanks!

It's About Leadership

I often say in our project management workshops that they’re really leadership workshops cloaked as project management workshops. I say that because so much of our ability to successfully lead projects doesn’t come down to our ability to define and calculate the critical path. It isn’t just having a project charter. It’s more about how to facilitate and influence stakeholders to get an agreed-upon charter. It’s not about having the perfect risk register format. It’s about fostering a culture that allows risks to be talked about and dealt with.

My guest today is J. Scott, author of The Irreverent Guide to Project Management. J shares some helpful insights in this episode about how to lead and deliver.

Learn more about J and his company at https://120vc.com/who-we-are/.

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