PPP 268 | Getting People To Think Your Idea Is Their Idea, with Oren Klaff

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We're All Project Managers (And Salespeople)

For years I've been on a mission to help people realize we're all project managers. Regardless of title, if you have a job, you have deadlines you have to hit, with multiple steps required to get there. Maybe not by title, but by role, we're all project managers. It's a basic skill set we all need.

In this episode, we talk with Oren Klaff about his newest book, Flip the Script: Getting People to Think Your Idea Is Their Idea. Oren made his mark in the book world with his blockbuster Pitch Anything. Flip the Script picks up where Pitch Anything left off, and today the bundle of energy and ideas that is Oren Klaff is here to share some ideas for how you can be more persuasive.

Learn more about Oren at https://pitchanything.com/.

During the episode, I mention some previous discussions, including:

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