PPP 263 | (Video) First Rule of Conflict? Don't Make it Worse

Hey, you know that conflict you have going on? It's a pain, right? Sucking the life out of you, perhaps?

I spoke with a group of leaders today at a Chicago company that I love. One idea during our discussion? When faced with conflict, keep a laser focus on this one principle: don't make the conflict worse.

Try to resolve it. Try to make it better. But don't make it worse.

In this brief video, I share a couple of ways we unwittingly make conflicts worse.

Conflict is inevitable. We don't have to love it, but if we aspire to lead teams and projects, we need to learn to deal with it effectively.

Let Me Hear From You!

I'd love to hear from you! What are examples of how people make conflicts worse? What's one piece of advice you'd share with a new leader to help them better deal with conflict?

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