PPP 262 | (Video) How to Destroy a Team In Under 2 Years

Is it possible for someone in a leadership position to nearly destroy a company in less than 2 years?

Yep. The leader at one of my clients eventually got walked out, but not before leaving the company stripped of some of their best people (and leaving the remaining employees shell-shocked from the experience).

In this short video, I share some lessons for us to wrestle with as leaders. That leader was blind to his impact, but could it be that--hopefully at a different level--we have our blind spots as well?

Let Me Hear From You!

I'd love to hear from you! What are examples you've seen of leaders not understanding the impact they have on their teams? What were the results?

Further, what do you do as a leader to try to better understand the impact you have on others? What advice would you have for new leaders?

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