PPP 246 | The Surprising Science of Meetings, with author Steven G. Rogelberg

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The Science of Meetings

We too easily tolerate bad meetings. We begin to settle. We eventually resign ourselves to the fact that meetings are a necessary evil that will never change.

We don't drift towards good meetings. To the contrary, it's like entropy. On its own, we drift to dysfunction and waste. Part of our role as leaders is to steward our own time and the time of those we lead, and if we can make even small improvements to how we gather, there’s a big payoff for all of us. That's why we're investing another episode on the topic, to arm you with insights to help set you and your teams up for better meetings.

We're joined in episode 246 by Steven G. Rogelberg, author of a new book entitled The Surprising Science of Meetings. The Washington Post has it as their number one leadership book for this year and it shows up on many other recommended lists, and I'm excited to introduce you to some ideas in the book.

Learn more about Steven and his book at https://www.stevenrogelberg.com/

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