PPP 228 | (Video) A Subtle Influence Technique to Drive Behavior

What I Taught Today

We continue our series of brief videos about something I've recently taught or learned. One of my best bosses perfectly illustrated an influence technique by the way she responded to status reports. In this 2-minute video, I share some lessons about that technique to help you in the week ahead.

Let Me Hear From You!

What questions have you learned to ask? What do you think about the concept of asking questions to drive behavior? I'd love to hear your thoughts! What have you been learning lately? What are you reading? Please e-mail me () or leave a message on our Listener Feedback Line (847-550-3747). I look forward to hearing from you!

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Thank you for joining me for this episode of The People and Projects Podcast! Have a great week!

Total Duration 2:26

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