PPP 174 | 5 Strategies for Staying Productive and Happy in an Age of Shiny Objects, with author Amy Blankson

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Is Tech Making Life Better or Worse?

Tech is ruining our life. Or at least that's what plenty of people are suggesting. There's evidence showing that culturally we're more depressed and distracted than ever, and tech has at least some responsibility for that. Yet at the same time tech is providing rich opportunities to grow and learn. So which is it? Is tech making it more difficult to thrive? Or is it helping us thrive?

According to Amy Blankson, the answer is both, depending on how you use it--today and in the future. Amy joins us to talk about her new book The Future of Happiness: 5 Modern Strategies for Balancing Productivity and Well-Being in the Digital Era. In Amy's research, she's found that ultimately the most balanced, satisfied, and happy individuals use five key strategies, not just to survive but also to actually thrive in the Digital Era:

  • They stay grounded in the face of distraction.
  • They use technology to know themselves on a deeper level.
  • They know when and how to use technology to train their brains to reach their full potential.
  • They structure their surroundings to create a habitat for happiness.
  • They innovate consciously to enrich the world around them.

I look forward to sharing Amy's insights with you in this episode. Learn more about Amy and her company at GoodThinkInc.com.

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