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Laugh While Learning

I love to laugh.

Whether it's a podcast episode, a keynote presentation, or an e-learning workshop, I like to keep it light-hearted. I've just found that it's easier to learn when we're enjoying the experience.

Yet though I share the name of the famous, albeit dead, comedian Andy Kaufman, I'm not really that funny! I have to work at it. And because of that, there are times when a joke not only isn't particularly funny--it's counter-productive. Perhaps someone is the butt of the joke, so to speak, and they don't like it. Or it was making light at a time or subject that wasn't appropriate.

The Humor Code

Our guests in this episode are Pete McGraw and Joel Warner. They are the authors of a clever new book entitled The Humor Code: A Global Search for What Makes Things Funny.

Why is it that some things are funnier than others? When can humor help us and when can it get in the way? Pete and Joel traveled the world to dissect humor across cultures to learn what makes us laugh.

Learning about humor is not just for stand-up comics and class clowns. Since we are in the business of delivering projects and leading teams, we would all benefit from learning how to use this important tool for mutual benefit, while avoiding the landmines of inappropriate use.

Learn more about their book by visiting http://humorcode.com/.

Thank you for joining me for this episode of The People and Projects Podcast! Have a great week!

I LOVE TO LAUGH from Mary Poppins: An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack (1964 Film).

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