PPP 094 | How to Motivate Your Project Team, with Heidi Grant Halvorson and Tory Higgins

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What Does It Take To Motivate Your Team?

One of the common concerns I hear from those who lead projects and teams has to do with motivation. What does it take? An inspirational speech (see the video below!)? Money? Time? All the above, depending on the person?

Motivating Project Teams

In this episode I talk with Heidi Grant Halvorson and E. Tory Higgins.. They are the authors of a book just released this week entitled Focus: Use Different Ways of Seeing the World for Success and Influence. The underlying research behind the book finds we each tend to have a primary motivational focus or mindset: either promotion or prevention. You'll learn more about what these mean in this episode.

I invite you to visit Heidi's website at at http://www.heidigranthalvorson.com/. You can take an assessment to learn your motivational style by visiting http://www.yourfocusdiagnostic.com.

Need Some Motivation

Hey, you promotion-minded listener! Need a little pick-me-up that will speak right to your promotion-minded heart? Check it out!

BIG BAND from April 1992, from The Music Bakery

MILITARY PROCESSION from April 1992, from The Music Bakery

GRATITUDE from the album PEACE & QUIET, from The Brain Store.

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