PPP 073 | What Does Your Facebook Profile Say About You? An interview with Don Kluemper

So let me ask you.... What does your Facebook profile really say about you? Or maybe you're not a Facebook person. How about LinkedIn? If a prospective employer was to scan your online presence, what conclusions would they draw?

Earlier this year a study was published that indicates your life online could be saying more than you realize about your personality, your likelihood of getting hired, and even your future job performance. Since using social media sites can be part of our strategy as leaders to build and maintain relationships, it's critical that we understand whether or not our online presence is helping or hurting us.

To help us better understand the study, I got a hold of Don Kluemper, the lead researcher on the study. In this interview, you'll hear from Don about what he found and his advice to help us avoid the landmines in social media.

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PPP 072.1 | How to Lead Better Project Meetings

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PPP 072 | Lead Better Meetings, with Steven G. Rogelberg

There's some newly published, compelling research that has now found that--are you ready--many meetings are a waste of time!

Oh, I know you might find that shocking! More likely, you might be shocked that research time had to be invested to figure that out. But in today's episode, you're going to hear from Dr. Steven G. Rogelberg who not only researches things like meetings, he's a great voice to help us make them better.

Links to Resources

For Steven's contact information, check out his website at http://belkcollege.uncc.edu/directory/steven-g-rogelberg. Here are some links to additional resources mentioned in the interview:

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PPP 071 | Critical Questions for Becoming a More Effective Leader and Reaching Your Potential

Another Day in the Salt Mine!

One of the many things I love about my job is that I get to intersect with hundreds of organizations. As I walked into the office of one my large financial services customers recently, I took a moment to watch the body language of the people as they walked through the doors to start their day. I've learned you can tell a lot about a company by watching the employees.

Do you want to know what I saw? In words it might sound like this: "Well, it's another day. I'm going to be working on another project. Hopefully it will be successful so I can get another promotion (which sounds a lot better than looking for another job!)."

Engaging Our Teams

For those who lead teams or departments or even companies, you know there are people who walk into your organization each day that just aren't as engaged as they could be. What can we do as leaders of people and projects to more effectively engage our teams?

In this episode I interview author and Harvard Business professor Robert Steven Kaplan. Rob is the author of What to Ask the Person in the Mirror: Critical Questions for Becoming a More Effective Leader and Reaching Your Potential. I've learned that getting better results doesn't always come down to knowing answers. Rather, it can come from asking better questions. In this interview you'll hear from Rob what questions can help us be more effective leaders.

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PPP 070.1 | Premium Follow-up on Lisa Petrilli Interview

There's a big appetite these days for advice for introverts. Lisa Petrilli's e-book shares some helpful insights. I trust you found the interview with Lisa was helpful, whether you consider yourself and introvert or if you lead a team that has one or more as members.

In this premium episode, I'm going to share some additional thoughts to help us personally apply this learning.

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