PPP 340 | Why You Should 80-20 Everything, with Perry Marshall

Total Duration 48:28

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80-20 Is Everywhere

You’ve certainly heard of the Pareto Principle, right? It’s the 80-20 rule that says, for example, 80% of the value of our projects comes from 20% of the scope.

Why do I bring this up? Because though most of us know about 80-20, but we don’t leverage it to our advantage. And today’s guest is going to challenge us on that. Perry Marshall is joining us to talk about his book Detox Declutter Dominate.

Learn more about Perry at PerryMarshall.com.

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Talent Triangle: Power Skills


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It's Funky by Frank Schröter
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PPP 339 | The Science of Getting from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, with Katy Milkman

Total Duration 48:09

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How to Change

There's a change you’ve probably been wanting to make. It could be that you know what to do. The problem is doing it. Remembering it. Following through. And perhaps not beating yourself up because you haven’t made progress.

Whatever it is that you’d like to change, we have good news for you in this episode. Katy Milkman joins us to talk about her fantastic new book How to Change. If you enjoyed our conversation with James Clear about his book Atomic Habits, you're going to love this conversation with Katy--this book shares the underlying research behind popular books on habits.

Learn more about Katy at KatyMilkman.com.

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Talent Triangle: Power Skills


Disco Of The 70’s by Frank Schröter
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It's Funky by Frank Schröter
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If I Only Had a Brain - The Wizard of Oz (4/8) Movie CLIP (1939) HD available on YouTube at youtube.com/watch?v=nauLgZISozs

Mary Poppings-Spoonful of Sugar is available on YouTube at youtube.com/watch?v=ftxnr28LDXc

PPP 338 | The Difference Between Kindness and Niceness


Total Duration 33:57

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The ROI of Kindness

Is it possible to be too nice? Is niceness the same as kindness? In today’s discussion, we’re going to drill in on that idea. I’m excited to introduce you to Brian Biro who wrote a book entitled The ROI of Kindness.

In today’s discussion, Brian will talk about the difference between being nice and being kind. He’ll explain what a Kindness Value Proposition is and why you might want to consider developing one. We have an extended conversation about one of the kindest things you can do, which is to be present with other people. And make sure you stay around for the outtakes because Brian was a friend with legendary basketball coach John Wooden. Outside the official interview, Brian shares some inspiring insights about the man who many consider to be the Greatest Basketball Coach of All Time.

Learn more about Brian at BrianBiro.com.

John Wooden TED Talk

In the outtakes of this episode, Brian and I talk about Coach John Wooden. Here's an insightful TED Talk that highlights some of Wooden's perspectives: youtube.com/watch?v=0MM-psvqiG8.

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Talent Triangle: Power Skills


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PPP 337 | How Hands-On Should You Stay? Johanna Rothman on Management

Total Duration 43:17

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Managing Projects and Teams

One of my favorite voices in the world of leading and delivering is Johanna Rothman. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Johanna for a couple of decades now and throughout that time she’s been a clear voice in how I think about managing teams and projects. And her writing, coaching, and consulting have helped project teams around the world.

In this episode, she joins us to talk about her new book series entitled Modern Management Made Easy. It’s a series of 3 books that address some pervasive myths about management.

Learn more about Johanna and her book series at jrothman.com/modern-management-made-easy-a-three-volume-set/.

Additional Resources

In this episode, I refer to these other interviews that you might find helpful:

  • My discussion with Johanna in episode 207 about her book Create Your Successful Agile Journey
  • My discussion with Annie Murphy Paul in episode 335 about her book The Extended Mind

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Talent Triangle: Power Skills


Long Way by Frank Schröter
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New Happy Day by Frank Schröter
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PPP 336 | Project Success Rates Suck. Here’s What To Do About It, with Clint Padgett

Total Duration 40:49

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How to Deliver Projects

Let’s say a boss comes up to you and says, “Hey, our senior leadership team just authorized this big new project. I’m assigning it to you and need it delivered in the next 14 weeks. We’re counting on you. Good luck!”

What’s going through your mind at this point? Maybe you’re excited about the opportunity, which is great. But a lot of times people are thinking, “How in the world am I supposed to deliver all of that, in that timeframe, when I’m already overbooked with other projects! And so is everyone else I’ll need!”

So what do you do?

Clint Padgett joins us again to talk about his new book entitled How Teams Triumph: Managing By Commitment. If you're looking for insights on how to deliver challenging projects, this is a book you'll want to read.

Learn more about Clint and his book at ProjectSuccess.com.

Additional Resources

You can find my previous discussion with Clint in episode 29.

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Talent Triangle: Ways of Working


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  223. PPP 113 | The Invisible Project Manager (Who Loves Their Job), with author David Zweig
  224. PPP 112 | How to Read Your Stakeholder's Mind, with Dr. Nick Morgan
  225. PPP 111 | When Consultants are the Problem, Not the Solution
  226. PPP 110 | How to Get Your Ideas to Catch On, with author Jonah Berger
  227. PPP 109 | The Funny Thing About Project Management
  228. PPP 108 | How Project Managers Can Deal With Stupid Feedback
  229. PPP 107 | Negotiating Skills for Project Managers
  230. PPP 106 | How to Fuel the Effective Project Manager
  231. PPP 105 | Influencing the Impossible Stakeholder, with author Donny Ebenstein
  232. PPP 104 | The Thankful Project Manager
  233. PPP 103 | What Does the Future of Work Look Like? Our interview with Scott Berkun, author of The Year Without Pants
  234. PPP 102 | How to Promote Yourself Without Being a Jerk, with author Dan Schawbel
  235. PPP 101 | In the Trenches, with Mike Durbin, PMP
  236. PPP 100 | Are You a Successful Project Manager?
  237. PPP 099 | How Project Managers Make Better Decisions, with Michael Roberto
  238. PPP 098 | How to Make More Persuasive Presentations, with author Nancy Duarte
  239. PPP 097 | Why Managing Sucks, with author Jody Thompson
  240. PPP 096.1 | Premium Follow-up to the Paul Weber Interview
  241. PPP 096 | In the Trenches, with Paul Weber, PMP
  242. PPP 095 | Agile Project Management and the PMI-ACP® Certification
  243. PPP 094 | How to Motivate Your Project Team, with Heidi Grant Halvorson and Tory Higgins
  244. PPP 093 | Givers, Takers, and Matchers, A Discussion About Success with Dr. Adam Grant
  245. PPP 092 | In the Trenches, with Kiron Bondale, PMP
  246. PPP 091 | You Can Be a Better Writer, with Tips from Bryan A. Garner
  247. PPP 090.1 | Follow-up to the Interview with Karl Pillemer
  248. PPP 090 | Life Lessons for Leaders, with author Karl Pillemer
  249. PPP 089 | In the Trenches with Ryan Endres
  250. PPP 088 | Selling Skills for Project Managers, with author Dan Pink

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