New to Podcasting?

Podcasts remain one of the most under-utilized personal and team development tools available. Good for you for giving it a try!

What Do I Do?

A podcast is kind of like a radio show that's pre-recorded. We have done the production work to create a show designed to help you deliver your projects and lead teams.

There are three primary ways to start learning from our podcast:

  • Listen on the web. Just go to our Podcast Episodes tab and find one that looks interesting to you. You'll see an image that looks somewhat like a play button (see the sample image on the right). Just click it and the show will start playing. You'll likely prefer listening with headphones if you have them available. If your computer or other device has speakers, you can listen that way as well. When you have time, stop by this website and listen to the latest episode. It's a great way to invest in your personal development!
  • Subscribe to the People and Projects Podcast on iTunesListen on iTunes. If you have iTunes installed on your computer, click here to subscribe to our podcast in the iTunes Music Store. You can listen to each episode within iTunes or you can synchronize your MP3 device with iTunes and listen to each podcast in the car, while exercising, or whenver is convenient for you.
  • Deliver the podcast by e-mail for free!Get an e-mail. In our busy world it can be difficult to remember to check a website. If you're a regular iTunes user, that option can work great. A third option that you should consider is to subscribe to the podcast via e-mail. Each time an episode is published, you'll get an e-mail that has all you need to start learning. Click here to subscribe for this convenient service.

Make Sure to Check Our Premium Subscription Option

Good for you for investing the time to start learning through podcasts! You'll find they are one of the best sources for learning during time that is often otherwise wasted.

Ready to take your learning to the next option? Check out our Premium Subscription option to see how I can help you not only invest in your own personal development.... you can use it to develop your team as well!

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